5 Tips For Clash Royale Beginners

Beginners who are looking for ways to improve their Clash Royale experience often find themselves experiencing confusion. Thanks to the following tips for Clash Royale novices, the befuddlement can become a thing of the past.

1. Spend Your Currency Wisely

Gold is the most important form of currency in the Clash Royale gem hack and players earn gold by winning battles or being gifted a daily chest for every four hours of game play. Gold should not be spent without serious thought and it is important to save gold for later upgrades, so avoid the urge to shell out for any extras and only spend on what you are going to use.

2. Don't Attack First

In a perfect world, you will want your opponents to make the first move, as you fill up on valuable elixir. By waiting to attack, you are able to increase your level of self defense, keep your towers safe and plan a quality counterattack. You should also be using your weaker attacks during the early stages of the round.

3. Emphasize Defense

As the old saying goes, the best offense is a good defense, so don't neglect the importance of defending yourself during an attack. Otherwise, you will knock over your opponent's towers at the expense of your own.

4. Get To Know The Skeleton Army

While the skeleton army can be susceptible to arrow attacks, they are tremendously useful, because of their versatility. When you are working with a Giant and you see an opponent Giant heading your way, summon them for help, so that they can block them from your towers.

5. Mix The Deck

Before each round begins, mix the deck by combining aerial attacks with ground attacks and high elixirs with low elixirs. This will only increase in importance as you unlock more and more characters.

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